Fresh Start Program for Adolescent Males ® (ages 13 and up)

Girls are encouraged to see their Gynecologist starting at age 13. However, male adolescents, especially older adolescents, infrequently access preventative health services. Baal Perazim believes that this is a contributing factor to poor engagement with healthcare practitioners as they become men.  Baal Perazim seeks to change this.

Baal Perazim offers a “youth-friendly” environment that makes young men feel safe, affirmed, and respected. We understand your rights to sexual health care and can help you understand how to get the information, testing, and care you need to be healthy. Although, the law allows youths to consent to sexual health- related issues, we welcome parents!

  • Sport Physicals
  • Confidential Sexual and Reproductive Health Care
  • Assistance with the “Birds and Bees” Conversation to ensure the delivery of a safe sex messages about STIs and pregnancy prevention
  • Condom Distribution.
  • Annual Physicals
  • Safe Sex Prevention Options
  • Safe Sex Prevention for Strategies for Gay Youths
  • Pregnancy Prevention
  • Risk Behaviors Assessment
  • Staff Trained in Cultural Competency (Includes Youth Cultural Norms and Language)
  • Staff knowledgeable about youth development and youth rights
  • Staff actively practices compassion
  • Staff respects patient self-determination (excluding situations where a person could cause harm to self and/or others)

What are the rights of adolescents when it comes to STI testing?

  • STI testing, including HIV testing, can be available in a variety of different settings such as doctors’ offices, community health organizations, schools, campuses, etc.
  • In Illinois, a young person has the right to be tested for any STI without a parent or guardian’s permission if they are 12 years or older.  However, if they are a minor (17 years old or younger), Baal Perazim may legally tell your parents or guardians that you received a test and can legally share your results with them.
  • When you make an appointment for STI testing, it is important that you ask if the provider will keep your results confidential, and under what circumstances, if any, they would share your information with a parent or guardian.