Baal Perazim Erectile Disorder and Intimacy Therapy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) was a problem that men seemed to accept as a natural, if frustrating, consequence of aging. Then in the spring of 1998, Viagra—the first oral medication to treat erectile dysfunction (ED)—hit the market, followed a few years later by Levitra and Cialis. Another ED drug, Stendra, was approved in 2012. However, many insurances will not cover medication to treat ED.

If you’re a man struggling with ED, you will be glad to know that there have never been more options for treating it. The first step in most cases is being willing to seek help. Baal Perazim Men’s Wellness now offer 2 affordable options.

Viagra (FDA approved Generic brand)

Discounted Viagra (Sildenafil) 100mg (30 Tablets)

Discounted Viagra/Cialis (Sildenafil/Tadalafil) 55mg/12.5 Combo Max (20 tablets)

The program:

  • Automatically enrolls you in Baal Perazim Men Wellness ED Program
  • Initial Screening and may be via Telemed
  • Monthly Wellness Teleconference
  • Monthly supply of Viagra (Sildenafil) 100mg or
  • Viagra/Cialis (Sildenafil/Tadalafil) 55mg/12.5 Combo Max (20 tablets)
  • Free delivery

Trimix Injection Therapy

4 Discounted Options

Trimax, Super -Trimax,  Quad Mix and Super-Quad Mix

The program:

  • Automatically enrolls you in Baal Perazim Men Wellness ED Program
  • Your initial consultation includes a physical exam including blood pressure, heart, lungs, and an initial Trimix test dose to assess your response.
  • Free delivery

After the consultation: If you and the men’s health specialist determine that Trimix is right for you, you will be provides with a 5mL (or 500 units) supply of Trimix medication, which may last up to 2-3 months or more depending on your dose and frequency of use. Maintenance Program includes medication, syringes, alcohol wipes, supplies, training, and all the clinical support you’ll need.


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